Thank you for taking a journey to New Zealand with us! The first company to import Manuka Honey to U.S.  shores 30 years ago, Pacific Resources International (PRI) today is meeting the ever-growing demand among retailers, distributors and of course consumers for exotic, natural, beneficial, versatile and internationally-sourced products that celebrate life at its healthiest and tastiest best!

As more and more Americans discover the special culinary and wellness gifts to be found in the entirely GMO-free paradise that is New Zealand, PRI continues to grow thanks to a special combination of high quality products, consumer brand loyalty and mutually productive relationships with our valued industry partners.

With sales strong, a robust marketing engine helping drive our brand awareness and an exciting array of noteworthy products already available or in the pipeline, PRI is ready to work (join) with you to bring New Zealand’s finest closer to American shoppers than ever before. Thank you again for visiting Pacific Resources International. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

“I’ve been ordering from Pacific Resources for almost 7 years now. Their products are fantastic, and I do especially well with their manuka honey nuggets. What appeals to me most is the personalized customer service that their company offers. They are extremely prompt, attentive, and helpful, and a real pleasure to work with.”
— Amy, 18 again